Do Watch Movements Move You?

Vintage Watch Movement

There are many watch collectors still actively and meticulously collecting watches and watch movements. There is so much to know. But I am finding that the movements are like the DNA of the watch. If you use a magnifier you can see lots of information on the movement.

The watch movement is also known as the calibar, is the actual mechanism of the clock or watch. It is protected by the case.
According to Wikipedia there are several types of movements in a watch.
Kinetic movement is sometimes called automatic-quartz movement, and kinetic watches combine the best elements of automatic and quartz watches. A kinetic watch has a self-winding movement, just like an automatic, but it uses a quartz timekeeping mechanism.

A watch movement is considered Swiss if: the movement has been assembled in Switzerland and, the movement has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland and; the components of Swiss manufacture account for at least 50 percent of the total value, without taking into account the cost of assembly.

Japanese movement watches contain watch movements made in Japan. Swiss movement watches contain movements made in Switzerland. .Seiko, a Japanese company, make wonderful, impeccable watches, especially in the Grand Seiko and Credor lines.

The Miyota 8215 is a Japanese automatic wristwatch movement that is used by many watch makers. Miyota is part of the Citizen group of companies. Most watch makers do not make their own movements, but use standard watch movements manufactured by specialized companies

So have fun and I will post more about this MOVEMENT later.