Do You Collect Barometers?

 I have recently learned about Barometers. The vintage Barometers are sexy in design and as in all things vintage, they usually have a story to tell.

For those of you who may have been like me and did not  know a about barometers it  is a  weather instrument that measures atmospheric pressure  also known as air pressure or barometric pressure) – the weight of the air in the atmosphere.
Barometers have been around for a long time and there are some very interesting and unusual ones.. There are variations on the storm barometer, such as the Collins Patent Table Barometer, to more traditional-looking designs such as Hooke’s Otheometer and the Ross Sympiesometer. Some, such as the Shark Oil barometer, work only in a certain temperature range, achieved in warmer climates.

Here are two that are currently listed on Ebay that I thought were interesting:I may post more later.But if you know more please feel free to share or if you have one listed please share.








You can see the details about this one HERE


Vintage Scarves Never Really Get Old

I firmly believe that vintage scarves never really get old. If you have one and showcase it most people will be in an almost trance looking at the detail and beauty. These scrafs are a refreshing respite from quickly made items today. The artwork is simply awesome. What makes them special to you?

Here are a couple of offerings I came across today.

Vintage Square Challis Fringed Scarf

And Gretal Store on Etsy

Purple Stylish vintage European Lace Tassel Scarf #18

Do you have other offerings? If yes, just post as a comment. Thanks