Bogan Tube Vintage Receiver

I am always on the lookout for everything vintage with Tubes in it. So, when we came across this Bogan Receiver we were excited. Now, it is not a famous item like a Fisher system but it is still excellent quality.

Tube radios and receivers are, to me, a true work of art. I enjoyed watching my husband clean and expose the inner workings of this machine.

According to the company;s web site:

The Bogan company is located in New Jersey. The company was founded as David Bogen & Company in 1932 in New York by David Bogen, a pioneer in the burgeoning field of audio transmission. Among the company’s first products were simple intercom systems and sound amplifiers.

By the early 1950s, the company had become well-known as a supplier of amplifiers and public address systems for schools. In 1956, Bogen was acquired by the Unitronics Corporation, a Long Island, New York-based leader in sound recording. During this time, Unitronics also bought the Presto Recording Corporation, opting to combine its new acquisitions as one division christened Bogen-Presto. From new adjacent facilities in Paramus, New Jersey, Bogen and Presto maintained their corporate autonomy but collaborated in order to tap each other’s expertise. Presto was known primarily as the inventor of “the record”, the black-lacquered recording disc, but the company also developed recording equipment such as turntables and amplifiers. For its part, Bogen and its engineering staff were pioneers in new amplifier and loudspeaker technologies. Assistant Chief Engineer Charles A. Wilkens explored “damping” effects on amplifiers, publishing widely on the subject, while colleague Herbert W. Sullivan received a patent on behalf of David Bogen & Co. in 1957 for his loudspeaker designs.

The company, during the “Tube Era” produced a really decent product line. This particular receiver is a Bogan RP 230. It is currently selling on Ebay.

There are also others selling on Ebay you might want to look like Bogan RP-40

So, keep your eyes open for them and if you have questions a great forum to check out is Audiokarma.

Please feel free to share your listings, finds and collections.