Vintage LP Meetin’ The Followers Has Ashford &Simpson 1963

I love old vinyl and was delighted to find this copy of “Meetin The Followers”. O was more overjoyed to find out that Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson were singers with this group in 1963.

Every LP has a story behind it. This particular record includes eight compositions written by Ashford and Andrew Cooper. It is also on a vintage orange and yellow label called Roulette.

Now when it comes to looking at rare labels I always like to go to Vinyl Beat. That’s where I saw the variations of the label this lp is on. I also look at this site for rare Gospel , Country and R&B. There are other sites and would love it if you shared them.
Listen to a short clip from the LP


You can view a current sale of ‘Meetin the Followers’ by clicking on this link.