Hermes Birken Bags Do You Have This Collectible?

The highly collectible Hermes Birken bag is considered by many to be an investment. These expensive bags made their appearance   Jean Louis Dumas created the bag for Jane Birken in 1984 after meeting her on a plane. Since then it has become a status symbol

The bags are custom ordered and come in a variety of hides and sizes. The bags are rare and the demand amazing. Here is a short video of someone who actually has one and shares how she was able to get one in a short period of time.

Since you probably will not be able to get a Hermes bag at the mall you might get one new or used  on Ebay. Even if you don’t get one it would be fun to see the listings. Also, be on the lookout for them in thrift stores and estate sales. You never know.

Meanwhile, there are other collectible bags out there and you can explore some  of those vintage bags by browsing with your computer mouse..But it seems like Hermes bags are a real class act.