The Most Unique Placemats I have Ever Seen-By Artist Kimberly Wilcox

I just obtained four (4) of the most unique table place mats I have ever seen. They are a true work of art. When I saw them I noticed that the Artist, Kimberly Wilcox signed them. They have a picture of a woman’s face and two legs that are supposed to dangle off the table.

There is a round metal piece on the front where the napkin can be place. They are so cool. So, I found a post online where they actually showcase the place mats on the table. The ones I have are different designs.

So, now I am keeping my eyes open for more unique place mats. When you think about it when you get placemats that stir up conversations it motivates you to want to cook and entertain more.

Check out a picture of the mats on a really great blog called Estate Store. I may post mine later. Or I may hold on to these great pieces of art.