Antique Charger Plate from Germany? What is a Charger Plate?

charger plate

When I was researching this piece the first question that came to mind is “What is a Charger Plate”?

I found out that a “Charger Plate” is known by other names such asĀ  “chop plates” “service plate” and “under plates” I really like the term “under plate” because these usually decorative plates are mostly used during very special occasions. They are large usually “12” or more and host other plates on top of them.

Most of the time they are not food safe so food is not served on them. But they look awesome on the table.This particular plate is very old and I am sure the paint used has some lead in it and should only be used to make the table look nice or hang on the wall.

Would you like to add anything else?