Do Watch Movements Move You?

Vintage Watch Movement

There are many watch collectors still actively and meticulously collecting watches and watch movements. There is so much to know. But I am finding that the movements are like the DNA of the watch. If you use a magnifier you can see lots of information on the movement.

The watch movement is also known as the calibar, is the actual mechanism of the clock or watch. It is protected by the case.
According to Wikipedia there are several types of movements in a watch.
Kinetic movement is sometimes called automatic-quartz movement, and kinetic watches combine the best elements of automatic and quartz watches. A kinetic watch has a self-winding movement, just like an automatic, but it uses a quartz timekeeping mechanism.

A watch movement is considered Swiss if: the movement has been assembled in Switzerland and, the movement has been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland and; the components of Swiss manufacture account for at least 50 percent of the total value, without taking into account the cost of assembly.

Japanese movement watches contain watch movements made in Japan. Swiss movement watches contain movements made in Switzerland. .Seiko, a Japanese company, make wonderful, impeccable watches, especially in the Grand Seiko and Credor lines.

The Miyota 8215 is a Japanese automatic wristwatch movement that is used by many watch makers. Miyota is part of the Citizen group of companies. Most watch makers do not make their own movements, but use standard watch movements manufactured by specialized companies

So have fun and I will post more about this MOVEMENT later.

Piping Rock Club 1914 Membership Book

Legends of finance and wealth were members of the Piping Rock Club, Locus Valley, New York started in 1911. In this membership book of 1914 the initiation fee was 200 dollars and the semi-annual dues were 150.00. At that time membership was restricted to men and total membership was not to exceed 550 men


The book lists members like J.P Morgan, Frank Nelson Doubleday and Benjamin Strong. But the list is impressive. There are by-laws that were written in 1012. If you have ever played on their golf course or know others who have it is an interesting piece of history worthy of collecting.

Do You Collect Barometers?

 I have recently learned about Barometers. The vintage Barometers are sexy in design and as in all things vintage, they usually have a story to tell.

For those of you who may have been like me and did not  know a about barometers it  is a  weather instrument that measures atmospheric pressure  also known as air pressure or barometric pressure) – the weight of the air in the atmosphere.
Barometers have been around for a long time and there are some very interesting and unusual ones.. There are variations on the storm barometer, such as the Collins Patent Table Barometer, to more traditional-looking designs such as Hooke’s Otheometer and the Ross Sympiesometer. Some, such as the Shark Oil barometer, work only in a certain temperature range, achieved in warmer climates.

Here are two that are currently listed on Ebay that I thought were interesting:I may post more later.But if you know more please feel free to share or if you have one listed please share.








You can see the details about this one HERE


Hermes Birken Bags Do You Have This Collectible?

The highly collectible Hermes Birken bag is considered by many to be an investment. These expensive bags made their appearance   Jean Louis Dumas created the bag for Jane Birken in 1984 after meeting her on a plane. Since then it has become a status symbol

The bags are custom ordered and come in a variety of hides and sizes. The bags are rare and the demand amazing. Here is a short video of someone who actually has one and shares how she was able to get one in a short period of time.

Since you probably will not be able to get a Hermes bag at the mall you might get one new or used  on Ebay. Even if you don’t get one it would be fun to see the listings. Also, be on the lookout for them in thrift stores and estate sales. You never know.

Meanwhile, there are other collectible bags out there and you can explore some  of those vintage bags by browsing with your computer mouse..But it seems like Hermes bags are a real class act.


Random Reflections on Baby Boomer Collectibles

I wish I knew then what I know now! Then I would have kept all my toys, coins and other fun items I had access to before I became a baby boomer. But since I never collected anything when I was young this new found interest in all  things “boomer” provides an opportunity to manufacture memories.

I enjoy  talking with people online and off who relish their baby boomer treasures. But where do you find these treasures now if you did not save  them in your attic, basement or collections?


I now go to yard sales looking for records. And although I resell them, my hubby and I often snatch some out of the bins to keep and listen to. Yet, many more people are keeping their collections. I try to help by encouraging them to buy record players to listen and enjoy them. LOL

I find that getting introduced to these treasures is being done by way of the internet, yard sales, estate sales and auctions. Shows like the Antique Road Show wet your appetite for items you never ever knew were collectibles with value.

I admit that I am a baby boomer who is really going backwards. Since I never collected when I was young I an fascinated by those things people have and do collect. For example, I was clueless to coins for anything but spending. Now I love reading about them and looking at others collections online or live.

I recently went to a model car show with hubby. Now he loves them. I never thought about them. But wow, during that show I enjoyed seeing the smiles on baby boomer faces as they experienced each and every model car. I listened as they talked, laughed and played. I learned so much that I have a whole new respect and appreciation.

So this blog serves as a way to tip my toes into this exciting arena. I just hope that the generations after us grow to appreciate the many collectibles that their parents and grands desire to pass on to them.

Be patient with me as I take this journey and I hope you share your collections and love for all the treasures that baby boomers enjoy.


Baby Boomers Love Collecting Coins

Baby Boomers love collecting coins. Some started when they were young and continue to collect. Others have found it something great to do in their transition from day to day work. It is not only relaxing but oodles of fun.

So, I want to begin to explore some of the coins that folks like to collect. I have included in this post a link about a “Concept Coin”. This is a coin that was submitted by a designer to be considered for currency.


That was the case with the Bessie Coleman concept coin.. Although the Sacagawea Golden Dollar won and was accepted as US Currency some still collect the concept coins.

In the case of the Bessie Smith Concept Coin there is a rarity factor. Not many of them were minted and not many available for sale. Many collectors have added them to their collections.

Why? I would think because of the rarity of some and the beauty of the design. What do you think?

Betty Boop Makes You Smile-Great Baby Boomer Therapy

I recently purchased this fun ceramic at a local garage sale. When the seller flipped over the piano and wind it up the two little magnetic dogs started dancing to “I want to be loved by you just you and nobody else but you.” I smiled.

I later went to visit someone at the hospital. I still had the song buzzing in my ear and shared it with the volunteer who gave me the pass. We both broke into a singing duet right in the lobby with Betty Boop song and ending with laughter as we said ” Boop boop de doop.”

What great baby boomer therapy!

In case you  are wondering this cute little item was purchased for 1.00 and sold for 12.51 in auction. But it brought so much pleasure that I almost kept it.

betty boop


Have fun and keep smiling.


Antique Charger Plate from Germany? What is a Charger Plate?

charger plate

When I was researching this piece the first question that came to mind is “What is a Charger Plate”?

I found out that a “Charger Plate” is known by other names such as  “chop plates” “service plate” and “under plates” I really like the term “under plate” because these usually decorative plates are mostly used during very special occasions. They are large usually “12” or more and host other plates on top of them.

Most of the time they are not food safe so food is not served on them. But they look awesome on the table.This particular plate is very old and I am sure the paint used has some lead in it and should only be used to make the table look nice or hang on the wall.

Would you like to add anything else?

Do You Like Pocket Watches and Clocks?


I am getting more and more fascinated with clocks and watches. It seems to be all about the “movement”. No, I am not talking about arthritis LOL

People interested in horology are called horologists. TThis term is used both by people who deal professionally with timekeeping pieces(watchmakers, clockmakers), as well as lovers and scholars of horology. Horology and horologists have numerous organizations, both professional associations and more scholarly societies.

Horology is the art or science of measuring time. Clocks, watches, clockwork, sundials, hourglasses, clepsydras, timers, time recorders, marine chronometers, and atomic clocks are all examples of the kinds of unique instruments used to measure time. In current usage, horology refers mainly to the study of mechanical time-keeping devices, while chronometry more broadly includes electronic devices that have largely replaced mechanical clocks for the best accuracy and precision in time-keeping.

Once you start looking into this area as a collector it is easy to get hooked. So, as I learn more I will share it here. But please share what you know so we can all be on the look out for some interesting time pieces.

But here is a really cool article I ran across talking about an upcoming auction for a pocket watch.

Upcoming Auction for Henry Grave’s Supercomplication Pocket Watch.