1902 Unused with Glue Daniel Webster 10 Cent Stamp Shows Up in Live Facebook Auction Sale

This is a  Webster 10 cent stamp. US Stamps unused with glue that was part of a lot of stamps sold by me at a Facebook Live Auction. The winner of the bid shared this with me. Mystic Stamp Company has it for sale online for $75.00

Quantity issued: 260,010,574 (estimate)
Printed by: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Method: Flat plate
Watermark: Double line
Perforation: 12
Color: Pale red brown

Stamp Bundles Can Be Fun and a Great Way to Chill Out

Have you ever watched a stamp collector in action? While organizing their stamps in an alblum or looking through a loop to examine them for errors and condition the world stops. They seem to be insulated from the outside noise and drama if only for a little while.

If you walk in thier space you will probably see large thick stamp catalogs that are teaming with information about their holdings and new discoveries.

I just got a hold of a cigar box of Romania stamp bundles. Some of the stamps are loose but most are neatly wrapped in bundles of 100 stamps. Wow, I found out that collectors will look through each one of them.

I just came across a great little booklet from Mystic Stamp Company called. !0 Reasons To Collect Stamps. 

I will probably write more about this because this Baby Boomer wants to learn. Please share your passion or knowledge about stamps when you have an opportunity. Also, if you are recently retired and find yourself without a hobby-Think about stamp collecting.