Many Will Are Using Collectibles to Upcycle-Goodwill is a Great Source

Goodwill ‘s Pinterest page has become a great source for upcycle ideas. Many of those ideas include vintage items. What not sure what upcycling means? Well it may mean different things to different people. But read the definition that is on Wikipedia.

So, just another reason to see the upside value in the things others may call junk.

Are There Some Collectibles That Are No Longer Collectible? What Did Terry Kovel Say?

I just read an interesting interview with Terry Kovel in, The Bottom Line Publication, about the status of 10 collectibles that are not worth their earlier value.I believe Kovel. Why? Because Kovel is co-author of Kovel ‘s Antique and Collectibles Price Guide. She co-authored many books with her husband Ralph Kovel prior to his death in 2008.

In 2011 the 100th book was published. From what I have read about the two of them not only are they consummate experts but they have a very generous spirit as evidenced by the multitude of volunteer services that have been blessed with their involvement.You can read more about the Kovels by clicking this link.

In the interview that I read she briefly discusses 10 popular collectibles and their current values. They include Hummels, Barbie Dolls, China Sets, Franklin Mint items, collectible plates, cookie jars, vintage metal boxes, Longaberger Baskets, and autographed Sports Memorabilia.  Read the article now, 10 Collectibles Not Worth Collecting Anymore.


I going the order the latest copy of her Price Guide. I have  heard  that it is invaluable.

Collecting Animation Art?

If you like collecting animation storyboards from Flintstones, Simpsons, Disney plus others they you are probably an animation art collector. But you did not need me to tell you that. The collection of animation art goes beyond storyboards. If you are just starting out check out this site for definitions of animation art that will help you in your exploration of this field of collecting.

Here is a really nice gallery of animation art by an avid collector. I found it to be comprehensive and educational. I also found an animation art marketplace. Here you can buy and sell your pieces. Of course you also have good old Amazon, Etsy and Ebay. If you are thinking about it and want to read more on this area of collecting consider checking out a few of the books listed below. Also, please share other resources.



Do You Love to Collect Perfumes and Colognes?

perfumes 019

Many baby boomers love collecting perfumes and colognes. When you visit many antique shops you will often see vintage fragrances displayed for sale. Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy all carry a selection of fragrances for men and women.

The amazing thing is that many of the perfumes and colognes sold are used and without a box. Yet, when you want that fragrance it really doesn’t matter.

Many collect the beautiful and creative bottles. While others collect their favorite fragrance. The amazing thing is that many also experience memories from the fragrance that may take them to an earlier time in their life.


Tonight I discovered another site that contain both bottles and fragrances. If you have a chance check out the collectibles section of ShopGoodwill. Navigate to perfumes or just key in perfumes in the search tab. There you can bid on some of their many offerings.

Acoustic Research Speakers Ar4 and Ar6 are Enjoyed by Baby Boomer Audiophiles

Many baby boomers are what you call audiophiles.Equipment is usually called “High End” and includes playback equipment used by audiophiles, which is usually bought at specialist shops and online. High-end components include turntables, digital-to-analog converters, equalization devices, preamplifiers and amplifiers (both solid-state and vacuum tube), horn and electrostatic speakers, power conditioners, subwoofers, headphones, and acoustic room treatment.

My hubby loves to collect and restore vintage speakers. Here is a short video and Part 1 of a current restoration project. When these are completed they will be placed online for purchase.This video focuses on Acoustic Research Ar4 and Ar6 speakers.


Baby Boomer-Do You Have a Collectible That is a Hot Seller Online?

I just found out about an awesome site that will let you know what items have been best sellers online and those currently selling at a high price in auction.. Not only will you be inspired to look through your house for collectibles but if you are already selling you will keep on looking for those treasures at yard sales, estate sales and thrift stores.

What Sells Best gives ticker tape updates on rare items that are hot sellers online. I just clicked on the category for Cameras and saw a Vintage Leica M3 Camera that sold for $10,000 and that was just for the body.

The categories include: Dolls, Electronics, Books, Records, Tickets, Toys, plus more…

So enough talk, go check out the site and get inspired!


Award Medals from US Expositions and World Fairs

When I started retiring in 2006 I returned to an hobby I had growing up: coin collecting.  Well not exactly, more to the point would be to say collecting award medals from the world fairs and expositions of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries.

The first US expo was in 1876 in Philadelphia to celebrate 100 years of our new county and it was called the U.S. Centennial Exposition.  Nice 76mm size chocolate colored bronze award medals were awarded by the United States
Centennial Commission.  There is large award medal, a small award medal and as in other expositions many different types of souvenir medals issued.

The 1880’s and 1890’s was the heyday of these expos and award medals were issued for Gold, Silver and Bronze at most of the expos.  Sometimes a box or case comes with the medal.   Some Gold and Silver medals were issued in bronze and it was up the prize winner to put a gold or silver plate on them.   But some medal are pure silver or gold.

Expos include the 1884 New Orleans Centennial Exposition, the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition which was the largest and grandest of them all, the 1895 Atlanta Cotton States Exposition (my specialty).  Some of the most popular of the other expos were the 1904 St Louis – The Louisiana Purchase Expo and the 1915 San Francisco Panama-Pacific International Expo.

The medals are a great fun to collect.  They are very artistically designed and great to examine by hand.  Most are quite reasonably priced to collect and EBay and auction companies have an impressive supply.   I have really enjoyed learning the history and something about each of these great expositions.

I couldn’t find a good reference for these medals when I started collecting, so I started to showcase them and provide info for other collectors.  Putting my collection (and other images provided by collectors) on the web site has been a wonderful bonus to me, putting me in touch with other collectors and providing a much needed reference to my hobby.



Two of my most recent medal acquisitions are this silver medal from the 1895 Atlanta Cotton States Expo which I just love because that is the expo I started with and Atlanta is where I live.



Then this Gold Medal from the 1901-1902 Charleston Expo, which in my opinion may be the most beautiful medal from any of the expos.

On ExpoMedals I have listed links to other medal collecting resources including a club, websites, auctions, and dealers.



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