Does the Person You Are Thinking About Gifting Your Collectibles Care About Your Stuff? 7 Ways to help your stuff find a good home

Susan enjoyed collecting bells. She had all sorts of bells. Once people knew she loved bells her birthday presents were bells or money to buy more bells. Soon she had hundreds of bells that sat silently on shelves around her home.

One day she decided to give 9 of her bells to her granddaughter when she came over to bring her groceries.  Her granddaughter smiled weakly and said, “thank you Grandma” as she carried the carefully wrapped bells neatly resting in a Macy’s shopping bag. When she arrived to her home the bag of bells were placed, unpacked, on a shelf in her in the back of her closet.

Sue’s grand daughter did not share her passion for bells.

The next day her neighbor’s daughter came to bring mail to her that was mistakenly place in her mom’s mailbox. It was the first time she was ever in Sues home. Her eyes lit up when she saw all the bells neatly displayed on the shelves. The two of them chatted as Sue shared details about each bell to a wide- eyed listening young girl.

Sue asked the young girl to choose two bells that she liked displayed on her shelves. The young girl paused, then with an unsteady hand, shyly choose two bells.  As the young girl clutched the bells to her chest. Susan saw a young girl who shared her passion and begin giving her bells on regular basis.

Here are 7 suggestions for gifting your collectibles to family, friends, and strangers.

1.       Join a Facebook public or private group that shares information about passions like yours. For example, if you love stamps there are groups where stamp collectors are looking for information about their stamps. You could offer to give some of your collection to members of the group you have joined. I used stamps as an example, but the same holds true for toys, puzzles, and other collectibles.

2.       ASK family members if they are interested in taking some of collectibles now Let them know that you do not want to wait until you are deceased to share items they may love as much as you love them.

3.       Start a Facebook Group on your interest. There you will be able to identify folks who would appreciate getting gifts of your stuff. You could also share your wealth of knowledge about folks who will want to hear what you have to say.

4.       Start a group at your place of worship. For example, if you are an artist, you could start an art group and be able to gift your art books and supplies to members of the group.

5.       Contact the Activities Director of a local nursing home or assisted living facility. Offer to donate some of your books, etc that could bring a smile to the face of a resident.

6.       Create an announcement in a local online swap group indicating the day you are putting FREE items in front of your door.

7.       Now, I know this sounds weird but when you go to a place that is providing service to you, like a doctor’s office or café, take time to find out the passions of people like the receptionists etc and put a smile on their faces when you bring that special “thing” to your next visit.


It will be great knowing that your collectibles, that you may not be selling really will find a good home.